Don't stain pine floor boards when using two-pack polyurethane finish.

Quite simply because it doesn't look any good at all.

Beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder, but stained pine floor baords are just plain ugly.

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You shall never convince me that this looks any good.  If you think that this is perfectly colour matched, like the owner of this floor did, then seriously, please call someone else.  I don't want to argue with you.  We don't stain pine boards because we think this looks like fake tan.  The stained board looks nothing like the rest of the floor and never will.

If you leave it natural, Sure the new board is white but only for awhile.   The more ultra violet light it gets, the quicker it will golden up.

People understand that occassionally it is necessary to replace damaged boards.  They see a New board.   Its not the same colour as the old, because it is new.  But the finish is the same and gradually has a blending effect.   The Stain will never blend.  It starts out different, and it gets worse with age.   Leaving it natural, it improves a bit everyday.

When you re-sand a stained board, it is bright white underneath, and you never get rid of the problem.  Whereas when you resand a board that was left natural, it is no longer white, it is golden yellow.

It may still be lighter than the rest of the floor, but it starts to catch up and blends. 

(Above) Here is another example of stain on the same floor. If you think this looks professional and nice, then you are easily pleased, and feel free to call someone else.

I do not consider this professional.   I would not be happy if this were my floor, and therefore I could not expect anyone to accept this patch work.

We do not offer staining as it does not look any good.   Don't be impatient.  Smearing vegemite over a white board doesn't hide it.  Let it naturally warm up and blend.

It will take time.  It won't stay white very long, but fake tan look is forever.

Below, the same floor as the above two pics, left natural by us.

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Here is the same floor as the two pics above.  This floor is not finished.  It only has two coats on it. But you can see the New Natural section.  It will deepen with time.  But it is clean and clear and natural and not streaky.

The owner was unhappy and in his mind, believed that the two pictures above were of a Perfectly Blended in stained board.  He said he couldn't possibly rent out his premises as now it was patchy.  So he did not let us finish the job.   I let you be the judge.   We do not stain when using thinners based two-pack polyurethane coating.   We never quoted him to stain.  He never requested stain.  If he had of, I would have told him everything on this page, and sent him elsewhere. Even if you think the top two pictures are better than our half finsihed job.  We don't stain.  Leave it natural.  The unhappy owner took the last picture as proof that we did a poor job and that the floor looked better before we started.  (I don't think he counted on us always taking before photo's.)

To this day I still can't believe he feels that the floor is better in the above two photos than after we sanded and applied two coats.  Its a strange world. 

Softer floor coatings have some compatible stains that do a marginally better job.   But now your floor will wear faster and wear the stain off, and require much higher maintainence.  Unless you like to spend loads of money on your floor frequently, then forget about colour and use the much harder, clearer two-pack polyurthane finish, to show the woods natural beauty.




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